Brand for Shiver Show


Duration: November 2017 to February 2018  
Type: Brand and Collateral  
For: Shiver Show, Produced by KulKat Entertainment 
Role: Design, Conceptualization, Layout


Design a Banner ad, tickets, posters, and a show programme for Shiver. Shiver is a theatre production involving both figure skaters and dancers on stage simultaneously.


The first ask by the client was to create a banner ad for social media. The client originally sent me a sketch featuring a large ice covered "S" inside an ice cave on top of a stage with curtains on either side including dancing couples. I thought that this would be too busy for a small banner ad that a viewer would look at for only a few seconds.


We agreed to leave it at an "S", a cave and silhouettes of dancers. The client loved the S shape so much that she asked for it to be a logo. A logo was not in the original plan of the brief but this unexpected creative moment became the central form that connected the pieces together. The form is inspired by the movement of the the dancers and skaters gliding across the stage . 


Banner Ad

Banner Ad for social media.


Unexpected Logo

Main element from the banner ad used as a logo for the production. 

Logo appearing on a selfie banner at Glen Gould Studio

Simplified logo for use on small format or complex visual situations


Poster & Programme

Three rough versions of the poster.


Final poster. The client chose the third version to emphases the "S" form into the over all brand.


Show Programme

Using Format