First Dates Branding & Interactive Postcards 2018

Year: 2018
Type: Logo and Print
For: Clutch Performance
Theatre Co.
Role: Concept & Design


Create a logo, poster, show programme and postcard for an upcoming light-hearted Fringe Festival show about dating.


The producers wanted to highlight that the show was about a diverse group of couples from different generations.


I used Europa as the typeface for its friendly geometric charm, and blue , navy and grey to convey a light-heated feel. I hosted a creative meeting with the producers where I drew up a journey map to understand an audience member's experience of going to a Fringe show. We brainstormed action points where an event goer could have opportunities to talk to others. We came up with a series of questions on the promotional postcard making the card an ice-breaker. To encourage people to keep the card and attend the play, it also worked as a raffle ticket. Each show was sold out and the play won the Best of Fringe Award.




Digital Promotion


Journey Maps for Promotional Material

Promotional Material


Show Programme

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