Systems Thinking Infographic

Year: 2016 

Type: Digital

For: OCAD University Bio Principles Sustainability 

Role: Research, Design


For an OCAD University Sustainability class, I was assigned to write a 2600 word essay on how urban environments negatively effect the biogeochemical cycles, i.e., the water cycle. Rather than writing a long essay I chose to create a critical design piece that would educate the reader on the subject in a more visual form. 


I chose to focus on the water and phosphorus cycles as they directly relate to each other. While studying the subject, I noticed that many diagrams of these cycles left out urban environments and the role humans have to play as we are stations in the molecules' multi-millennial  journey around the world.


To communicate the human role in the these cycles, I created a network report that educated readers with transit-inspired network maps. These maps depicted how the cycle functioned prior to industrialization, how it currently functions and finally how humans can live harmoniously within the cycle. 

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