Centre for Social Innovation Signage 2017

Year: 2017 
Type: Destination Signage 
For: Centre for Social Innovation
Role: Design and Production 
Size: 11''  x  2.5''   


Design and produce updated signs to be placed above the private desks at the Centre for Social Innovation's Spadina Avenue location. These were required to be easy to read from a distance, inexpensive to produce, fit into the existing sign holders, and coincide with the Centre for Social Innovation's visual brand. 


At the Centre for Social Innovation, members can rent private desks. The original signs placed above these desks were hard to read, out of date and made it harder for members to know who was who. A major challenge in designing these signs was that some organizations had short names such as G20 YEA while others were much longer such as the Women’s Healthy Environment Network. 


I created three sign templates, one with 150 point sized text for the shorter names and two versions in 80 point size text for organization that have longer names. To add flare and separate the title from the desk number, I added an orange slash inspired by the orange on the Centre for Social Innovation's logo


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