OPA Section on Psychology in Education (SecPE) Infographic 2018

Type: Digital & Print 

For: Ontario Psychological Association Section on Psychology

Role: Research, Graphics, Typography, Layout


The Ontario Psychological Association Section on Psychology in Education commissioned me to create a shareable social media infographic and pull up banner. They found that many teachers, principals and parents did not know the full capabilities of school psychological professionals and wanted an infographic to educate these stakeholders. 

Research & Ideation 

With the chair of the committee, we went through a 30 page document which explained what school psychological professionals offer. We focused on a few pages that listed 5 levels of services where students and schools benefit from psychological support. To organize the information we thought of the infographic as story structuring it with a beginning (a question), middle (the content), and end (a call to action)”. 

Process & Solution 

I created a rough skeleton of the infographic with word limits and worked with the committee chair to consolidate the 5 key points from the booklet to short and simple text. I also created icons that demonstrated the needs of youth and services offered by school psychology professionals. 

Client Testimonial 

“The Council of the Section of Psychologists in Education (SecPE) was most pleased with the commissioned work done by Jay Ginsherman. The infographic addressing the mental health needs of youth and services offered were creative, well organized visually, and easy to understand. The work was done in a timely manner,  and the text was clear. The infographic was presented at conferences, and shared with school psychologists provincially and nationality.” 

-Dr. Ester Cole - SecPE Council


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