Brand & UX for Kavillah


Type: Logo, Brand, and User Experience Design  
For: Kavillah
Role: Design, Conceptualization, Brand Positioning,

and User Experience Design


Design a logo and user experience for a new app. This app will be an open space for tutors to experiment in teaching and for students to find the best way to learn.


I had many sit down interviews and meetings with the client to figure out what could make his idea unique and how it could best come to fruition. He told me that it was inspired by the grundskol method from Scandinavia, where educators and learners exchange ideas in a small room. We were thinking about the app as a digital coffee house and we began looking at the word coffee house in Scandinavian languages. We settled on the Finnish word kahvila. Then, we experimented with the spelling. For the logo, I explored houses, knitted patterns and coffee cups to convey the key attributes of Kavilla - Scandinavian, equitable, and experimental. For the UX design I interviewed the client about their experience as a tutor. I asked him about the tutor's and the student's needs. With this information we created a needs assessment. 


The client chose the coffee cup logo and requested to add a tortoise and a hare to represent how we all learn at different speeds.  From the needs assessment, we created a user architecture of the app to map out the spaces where the users would interact.  


Logo Process


Final Mark


Needs of Users


User Experience Architecture


User Interface

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