IAM Online Magazine 2018 

Client: Ontario Council for International Cooperation 

Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design


The Ontario Council for International Cooperation commissioned me to design their online youth focused magazine on international development. Innovation was the theme of the magazine’s ninth edition. My task was to visualize this theme. 

Research & Ideation

I read the magazine’s articles and noticed a pattern. In every submission, each author wrote about how they brought an innovative idea into reality.  This process of innovation reminded me of my sketchbook. Innovation is the act of taking ideas and applying them in reality. As a designer, I sketch out ideas and use my sketchbook as a tool to measure the idea’s success as it comes to fruition. 

Process & Solution 

The design of the online magazine was based off a sketchbook as an innovation tool kit. I created a digital illustration For each magazine article. Each illustration represented an innovative idea that was first manifested as a simple sketch. As the reader scrolls, they see images of the end product or service. For the magazine launch party, I created branded sketchbooks and tote bags as promotional material.


Using Format