Nuit Rose Festival Guide 2017

Year: 2017 
Type: Print Guide 
For: Nuit Rose 
Role: Design in Collaboration 
with Michale Thomson
Size: 11''  x  17''


Design a print guide for a Queer Arts Festival called Nuit Rose. It must be eye-catching, legible and and be consistent with the festival’s visual brand.

Research & Ideation

Nuit Rose’s festival attributes: Celebratory, Artistic, and Electric. The guide must convey the festival annual theme: Between Venus and Mars. 

Process & Solution 

I began sketching out concepts inspired by outer space such a planets and space stations. Originally I thought that there would not be room for a map inside the guide, so I placed a map on the front cover inspired by maps used by astronomers. It turned out that there was enough room for detailed maps to be placed inside the guide. The front map is not just a decorative item but unites Toronto’s girded urban topography to the the sky above. The guide contributed to the event’s success by helping to draw record crowds, through the guide’s bright attractive colours, and intriguing yet pragmatic design.


Using Format