Data for Good Rebranding 2017


Type: Logo, Brand and Collateral  
For: Data for Good  
Role: Design, Conceptualization, Brand Positioning.


Redesign the logo for Data for Good, an organization that helps non-profits harness the power of their data to make more informed and better decisions in their quest to make their communities flourish. Non-profits partner with Data for Good to host datathons, where they invite data scientists to analyze their raw data. 


The brand must look professional enough to be trusted by organizations as well as approachable and fun for data scientists who give their free time to make the world a better place. I started making mood boards to find forms and colours that could convey a professional and approachable feel.


I looked into typefaces that had a professional or approachable feel. I noticed that the typeface Raleway has rounded curves that made it look approachable, yet the uneven bowls of the lower case "a" looked too comical. I sliced the "a" and the "g" of the word mark with the typeface Helvetica to convey approachability with trust. For the logo mark, I wanted to combine the "d" in data with the "g" in good. I began sketching ideas where the letters could be combined and added in a form inspired by a pie chart to represent data with rays of light coming out of the centre.  


Orginal & New Logo



I noticed that the typeface Raleway had rounded curves that made it look approachable yet the uneven blows of the lower case "a" looked too comical. I sliced the "a" and the "g" of the word mark with the typeface Helvetic to give convey approachability with trust.

Exploration of logo marks that accompanies the wordmark.  


Final Logo Mark


Branded Collateral

Using Format