Annual Report for Rainbow Railroad

Type: Digital & Print 

For: Rainbow Railroad

Role: Graphics, Typography, Layout

Photographer: Mitchel Raphael

Size: 9" x 4"


Design an attractive annual report for Rainbow Railroad. The report must convey the organization’s growth and transformation occurring in that year.

Research & Ideation 

Rainbow Railroad is a non-profit that assists LGBTQ refugees to seek asylum in safer countries. After their 10th year of operations, the organization wanted to demonstrate the transformation with the theme of growth. 

Process & Solution 

I often heard the organization's Outreach Manager say "I hope one day we will live in a world where all LGBTQI people can live in safety, and our services would not be needed." I imagined their organization goal as a plane taking off on a journey that will one day land at their goal of safety for all LGBTQI people.  Inspired by his quote, I based the annual report on the a boarding pass. This was printed in an edition of 1000.


The year before, I designed the organization's Annual Report.

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