Interactive Printed Maps: Addressing the Surface 2017

Type: Print 
For: Edgar Baculi, Master of Spatial Analysis (MSA) Candidate, Ryerson University 

Role: Concept, Consultation, and Design

Light Table Size: 4' x 2' 

Map Size: 8.5" x 11''


Edgar, a Ryerson Masters Candidate was impressed by Liquid Shadows and asked me to collaborate with him to create an innovative project for a project an exhibition celebrating digital mapping. He wanted to use method of using a light box and transparency to show overlapping spatial data. 


Edgar wanted to highlight that governments, corporations, and organizations are sharing open data to be more transparent and enable the public to hold institutions accountable. The management of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation often keeps information away from it tenants. As a resident of social housing, Edgar Baculi has witnessed a number of lived experiences that are common to social housing tenants. These include the struggle of paying rent and finding cooling relief during the hot summer months. 


Addressing the Surface is an unbound interactive analogue atlas thats attracts the public to explore, interpret and discuss open data relating to people living in Toronto Community Housing Co (TCH). The open data is presented on 12 maps, each printed on a single transparent sheet for the public to overlap and interpret.  Each map has an interpretive question pertaining to the data to help initiate conversations. Originally the project was shown to his class and later was exhibited at the 2018 Nuit Rose Festival.

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