Liquid Shadows: Interactive Printed Maps for Conversation

Year: 2016-2017
Type: Print 
For: Undergraduate Thesis

(OCAD University) 

Role: Research and Design

Instructors: Patricio Davila and Sheila Sampath

Light Table Size: 4' x 2' 

Map Size: Ranging from 11'' x 20 to 11'' x 11''


Create a body of work that challenges the public’s understanding of land. The ecology of land, such as how animals and water move through a space. The history of land, such as who's history is remembered. The interconnectedness of land, how does ecology and history interact with the land. And the limitations of land, what barriers limit someone or something to travel or understand the land.


Maps are tools for understanding and interpreting the world around us. Governments and corporations use maps to claim land and resources. In opposition, “counter-maps” can be used to bring awareness to underlying issues ignored by power structures.


Liquid Shadows is a counter-cartographic interactive installation inviting the public to examine ten overlapping translucent maps of the Lower Humber River. The intention of these maps is to start conversations on how one place can be seen through alternative perspectives. 


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