Rainbow Railroad #60in60 Fundraiser Campaign 

Type: Logo, Campaign & Social Media Collateral  
For: Rainbow Railroad 
Role: Copywriting, Concept, and Design 


I was asked a second time by Rainbow Railroad to create logo and social media collateral for their fall #60in60 campaign. The campaign's goal was to raise $600,000 help 60 LGBTQI individuals travel to safer countries. 

Research & Ideation

I began researching images and icons based on the attributes of the campaign. I started sketching ideas that made me think of freedom such as paths and birds. 

Process & Solution 

As the campaign was to be on social media I used a hashtag symbol as the base of the logo. The track on the logo is extendible. The campaign was very successful, increased the organizations following on social media and raised $650,000. 


Logo Process









Using Format