TTC Station Ranking Infographic 2015

Type: Digital, Infographic 
For: Self Exploration
Role: Research, Design


Toronto’s Subway system is often crowded at a few stations while others are quite sparse. As a commuter, I wanted to know which stations had the most amount of passengers waiting on the platforms on an average weekday. 

Research & Ideation  

Luckily the TTC’s website had its station ridership information in a spreadsheet. It was only organized by line and was not a pretty sight. At first I began to lay them out geographically but found this method had too much dead space and the geography of the station was not the main data point for my exploration. 


I organized the stations by their ranking because it was the focus of my question. After some feedback from friends, I added a map in the lower corner. This helped viewers understand the location of each station. I chose muted colours for boxes to not compete with the bright subway line colours. 

Using Format